Why this project? This project was created by members of the Asian Pacific American Network of Oregon (APANO), who recognized that talking about gender, sexuality, sex and reproductive health, particularly abortion, is still taboo in many of our families. We reached out to our communities to bravely break silence around those issues, create spaces to continue having these conversations with each other, and highlight the real barriers our families and communities face, in order to name our desires for change and possibilities for action.

Why this title? Our lives are linked to salt water, from the womb to the bodies we inhabit. From the beginning, we are all part water, able to carry oceans inside of us. Additionally, as Asians and Pacific Islanders, our families all came here from somewhere across the water. Many of our families are split by oceans, crossing countries and continents. We are all immigrants or the descendants of immigrants, and we carry those stories and that distance with us.

This project was an invitation to bring forward the complex, fierce and powerful stories we all carry, often alone, in secret, in silence. We are at a pivotal moment for reproductive justice, where we face unprecedented bans, barriers and attacks on our body sovereignty and our reproductive health, but as our communities come together in resistance we also see a wave rushing forward, toward access for all people, toward policies that reflect us, toward what we all need to survive and thrive. We raise our voices, together, to meet it.